Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Project List!

A very dear friend of mine suggested that I should put up a list of all of the projects I have on the go, so here are the things I can think of (I will add to it over the coming weeks). The projects that are underway have links to the associated post:
  1. Pram Blanket (finished)
  2. Christmas Traditions book (finished)
  3. Baby Shoes and Bibs (finished)
  4. Modern Cloth Nappies
  5. Labels for containers (finished)
  6. Pebble Table Runner (finished)
  7. Hooded Towels (finished)
  8. Cot Quilt (finished)
  9. Memory box
  10. Knitted bonnets (finished)
  11. Dolls house (from kit)
  12. Nursery curtains (finished)
  13. Scrapbook Wedding (2006)
  14. Scrapbook Europe Trip (1999-2000)
  15. Recipe book (finished)
  16. Owl Mobile (finished)
  17. Tablecloth and runner (from existing table cloth) (finished)
  18. Paint Santa Ornament (finished)
  19. Wet bags (for dirty nappies)
  20. Cot Valance (finished)
  21. Artwork for bathroom wall
  22. Nappy Covers (finished)
  23. Tilt scale photographs
  24. Maternity Skirt Refashion (finished)
  25. Bibs for Isabella! (finished)
  26. Muslin Wrap (finished)
  27. Toy box seat topper (finished)
  28. Play mats (x2)
  29. High chair cushions (Spare set)
  30. Breastfeeding cover (finished)
  31. Maternity Top (finished)
  32. Reusable Sandwich bags
  33. Christmas Cards (finished)
  34. Breast pads (finished)
  35. Crayon Rolls (finished)
  36. Bunting flags (finished)
  37. Lamp for the Nursery (finished)
  38. Cover for change table mat (finished)
  39. Miniature Bunting Flags for Window (finished)
  40. Cushion for rocking chair (finished)

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