Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Project #6 - Pebble Table Runner (Update #4 - Finished)

Today while Matty and my dad were putting up the posts for our front fence, I set to work on the table runner again. I had been doing a bit here and there, but decided that I really needed to get it done today!

Now some of you might not know, but I don't usually complete a craft project without some form of hiccup and today was no exception. I ran out of liquid nails with just 9 pebbles left to glue on!

I went outside to tell Matty about my latest misfortune, so we could have a bit of a chuckle, when dad came to the rescue and said that their might well be a tube in the bottom of his tool box.

After a bit of rummaging through the copious amounts of crap he had in there, I found a tube that look like it had been purchased in the late 70's - but it did the trick and that's the main thing.

Here is a picture of the table runner completed:

All up I saved about $120 by making the table runner myself. Here are the links to the other posts on the completion of the pebble table runner:

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  1. I bought me and my sister one of these at a very upscale womens clothing store. It was 50% off and cost me $25 each. I kept one for me, and gave one to my sis for her birthday. Moving forward two years; ...I have a cabin, rustic looking and I did the pebble back-splash and now need a second matching pebble table runner because I have two square kitchen tables. Love your idea of making it!


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