Monday, January 18, 2010

Project #38 - Cover for Change Table Mat (finished)

I am a little behind in blogging about the items I've made this week for the simple fact that I have been churning them out quicker than you can imagine! Setting the goal of finishing the nursery before I finish work on the 22nd of January was definitely a great idea and inspired me to get my bum into gear. I actually think (fingers crossed) that the nursery will be finished tomorrow (yikes!).

One of the problems we had in our nursery was the change table mat. It is just a standard, run of the mill change table mat but as you may or may not know, they are all covered in a horrid waterproofing plastic. While I agree that it is necessary the thought of having a hot, sweaty baby on it in the summer made me want to make a cover for it. I wouldn't want to lay on it when I was hot and sweaty so why should I expect our baby to!

My original plan was to make a cover in the exact same size of the mat so that all faces of the mat would be covered. I was discussing alternate ideas with my friend Kelly and we decided I would actually be better off making it a simple rectangle so that it would be easier to iron once it is washed. As such, I made a simple rectangular cover that ties up with bias binding at the back to hold it in place. Here is a picture of it finished:

Before you start screaming obscenities at me about how silly I am for making it white, as it will no doubt get poo on it and then it will be ruined, take heart that I did take this into consideration. As such I made these too:

Are you wondering what they are? Well I am calling them 'bum bits'. They are rectangular pieces of fabric backed with flannalette that are designed to sit over the top of the change table mat in the place where the baby's bum goes, like this:

Problem solved and yet another project to mark as completed!

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