Friday, October 16, 2009

23 Weeks!

Today I am in slight disbelief that I am 23 weeks pregnant! Where on earth has the time gone and will the coming 17 weeks go just as fast?!?!

I'm pleased to report that I can still fit into my size 10 jeans but I feel that might not be the case next week, as they are starting to feel a little more tight across the waist line than they were last week. Here is a belly shot taken this morning before work:

According to numerous *experts* in the field, I'll have a 'baby explosion' within the next week or two and I'll feel like I'm the size of a house. I didn't feel the need to point out that these supposed experts have been saying that since I was 17 weeks pregnant and we're yet to see this explosion! You will notice, however, that I have chunked up a fair bit since my 20 week photo. Still just look fat though, not pregnant!

Overall I'm feeling pretty good. I was horrifically sick earlier in the week, but feeling a lot better now. Perhaps that is because the weekend is drawing near!

Darth's kicks are getting stronger and stronger with every day and the little monkey has taken to kicking me right where it hurts - on the scar from where I had my tumour removed. Matty has a stern word to Darth about this behaviour (via my belly button) but unfortunately Darth really isn't interested in listening to his daddy! It was worth a shot though!

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