Monday, October 26, 2009

Crafty Weekend Failure

This past weekend I had plans, big plans... but when it came to the execution part well, let's just say, not much happened. My parents were away at a wedding in Albury-Wodonga, so I was given the task of 'baby-sitting' my brothers and sisters. I thought this would have made for a perfect weekend of getting things done, but I guess I was wrong.

Friday night started off with enthusiasm though. I cut up some old towels to re-engineer into hooded towels for the baby, I cut out the fabric to make the cover for my recipe book, I sorted out a bunch of photos to be stored in a photo box and I continued with painting the Santa ornament (until I couldn't stand all of the mistakes being made due to the poor lighting at mum's house). I did, however, manage to completely finish one of my projects - the knitted bonnets.

I must admit that I definitely was not so enthusiastic about my craft projects on Saturday, but for good reason. The weather was superb and Matty's parents came up to finish putting the wire around the deck on our house (yay!):

Rather than work on craft projects, I chose to sit outside in a deck chair and supervise the installation of the wire. The only craft related activities I accomplished for the day, was the purchasing of the fabric for the outside of the hooded towels and the securing of a full tube of liquid nails for use in the table runner project.

Sunday was essentially a write-off as well. I felt pretty crappy after having had two nights of VERY ordinary sleep at my parents house. I cut out the outside material for the hooded towels and continued on with the painting of my Santa, but very little else. I was pretty disappointed with my efforts, but at least I managed to prepare a fair amount of stuff for some upcoming projects.

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