Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Project #25 - Bibs for Isabella (finished)

Since my friend's baby, Isabella, turns 2 weeks old on Thursday I thought it was about time to get a wriggle on with making her present. Using the cute spring fabrics I bought a couple of weeks back, I made a start.

I had two patterns to choose from, both I had made myself by tracing around existing bibs that I had. One was designed to slip over the baby's head and the other does up with snaps. I chose to make the one with the snaps, as it is difficult to gauge how big the head opening has to be on the 'over the head' style when you don't have the baby in front of you to test on!

I used a piece of scrap flannelette that was left over from the Modern Cloth Nappy project for the back of the bibs. I was pleased to find that I had enough flannelette left to make the back for 4 bibs (2 for Isabella and 2 for our other friend's baby, Faith) and that the off-cuts may be big enough to use for the breast pad project I'll be tackling later this week (fingers crossed). Of course I used the spring fabrics for the front and they were still as cute as ever!

Here is a picture of the bibs finished:

I would have liked to have put a label on them (similar to how I did for the Baby Shoes & Bibs project), but since Isabella isn't a "boehm baby" it seemed a little silly to whack one of those one them! Ahh well, they are still pretty cute I think!

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