Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Project #6 - Pebble Table Runner (Update #3)

Well tonight I was inspired to do a bit on the table runner since it was sitting on the pool table all ready to go. Once I started, I actually found it quite therapeutic and managed to get about quarter of it complete before my poor little legs got sore:

I swear it doesn't look nearly as 'wonky' in real life although there are definite lumps and bumps across it due to the inconsistencies within the pebbles themselves. 'Character' I think they call it!

I am finding the liquid nails to hold up to it's side of the deal so far (well, better than the hot glue gun anyway!) but have found it quite testing, since it keeps squirting out the sides of the pebbles as I push them down (see below):

There are a couple of things I can do about this 'explosion' of liquid nails:
  1. Ignore it
  2. Try harder to not put so much liquid nails on
  3. Paint the liquid nails explosions with black paint once the runner is completed
Currently I am opting for a combination of options 1 and 2 and will run with option 3 if I find that the explosions really bug me once it's been sitting there for a week.

I will keep working on this over the next couple of days and post a picture once complete.

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  1. Could you not just use a glue gun? I used to have a set of these and it looked like it was done with a glue gun.

    Im going to try and make my own. :)

    1. Hi there! The hot glue was too brittle and so the rocks just popped off after a couple of days :( Good luck with making yours!


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