Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Project #2 - Christmas Traditions Book (finished)

Remember how I was making a Christmas Traditions book? Well it is finally finished.

The only problem I encountered with putting the book together was that there was too many pages, so when I tried to close it this is what happened:

A trip to the scrapbooking shop and the problem was fixed by purchasing some bigger rings to bind the book together:

In order to complete the book, I included a section to record the ornaments our children will receive as a gift from us each year:

And also a section to house our Christmas CD's:

It has taken me quite a while to finish this book and I am glad that it is done before our baby's first Christmas. I am so excited to think of all of the family traditions that will be created over the years and look forward to having a book that will hopefully be passed on for generations to come!

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