Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Project #27 - Toy Box Seat Topper (finished)

Last week I purchased a toy box off eBay for the nursery. It arrived flat-packed and after a bit of perseverance I was able to put it together myself!

I knew as soon as I saw it on eBay that I would need to put a seat topper on it as it would be too stark in the nursery. I already had a good idea as to how it would look as I wanted to tie it in with the Rocking Chair cushion cover I made from the fairy tale fabric last week. The cover opens up from the back, so it can be taken off for washing when it gets dirty! Here is a picture of how it turned out:

The use of the brown fabric tied in nicely with the room's feature wall once it was on top of the toybox and in it's own special little spot in the nursery:

While the general concept of the seat topper wasn't too difficult, I really struggled with sewing in the end pieces of fabric. I ended up sewing the whole thing (except the ends) together and then putting the cover onto the piece of foam and pinning the ends in before sewing them. I am pretty sure there would be an easier way to do it, but I struggled to find it!

The most exciting thing about this seat topper, is that it was the LAST thing to do before the nursery was considered finished! You can see photos of the finished nursery here.

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