Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Project #15 - Recipe Book

A while back I decided to make my own fabric by stamping a piece of material. I was lucky enough to pick up a hand carved stamp for a couple of dollars at an import place we visited in Queenscliff one weekend:

The trick to stamping the fabric was to ensure that the right amount of fabric paint was on the stamp before committing it to the design - too much fabric paint and it would cause the stamp design to bleed, not enough fabric paint and the design would hardly be visible on the fabric.

Once the paint had dried I gave the fabric a press with an old hanky to seal in the design and then placed it in my 'fabric stash', only to forget about it! A couple of weeks ago though I had the idea to create a recipe book with a fabric cover. It was then that I remembered my lovely piece of hand stamped fabric.

Using an empty, unlined notebook as my 'recipe book' I carefully made a template for my fabric cover. As the fabric was fairly light, I needed to use a backing fabric and iron on a piece of interfacing to the main fabric piece, so that the turquoise cover of the notebook couldn't be seen through the cover. I used a dark brown fabric for the inside flaps to complement the brown used in the stamped design.

As I was sewing it all together, I got a little inventive and decided that I should also secure a piece of elastic into the inside flap, so that the book can be held open at the chosen page.

Here is a picture of the finished product:

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