Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Saving Challenge : Pram (Update #2)

A couple more items finished on eBay today and I am pleased to report that an additional $46.50 has been raised towards the Pram Savings Fund.

While I had hoped to be around 50% of the way through raising the funds by now, I must say that I am quite impressed that we have sold this much junk! Things that we didn't expect to sell have sold, and other things that we were expecting to sell have sold for more than we expected.

The next step is to organise a garage sale, which we are hoping to hold on the 24th of this month depending on the weather (which changes from minute to minute at the moment). In the mean time, I think I might relist some of the stuff on ebay and see if we can't squeeze some more funds from that. There are still a couple of auctions finishing tomorrow, but I'm not holding out much hope for those items selling.

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