Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Project #40 - Cushion for Rocking Chair (finished)

When I was in the quilting shop at Murray Bridge over Christmas, I came across this fabric in the clearance section of the fat quarters:

It is almost 'calico-like' fabric with words from fairy tales printed on it. I was looking for something similar a couple of months back to make some wall hangings, but (of course) I couldn't find anything remotely like it at the time.

Needless to say, I pressed on with designing the nursery and as a result the wall hangings are no longer required. I bought the fabric anyway and put it in my stash figuring it would come in handy at some point.

Well tonight I was thinking that I really should start the cushion cover for the rocking chair. My plan was to make the cushion cover to match the cot quilt, but then I had an absolutely BRILLIANT idea...

Since the rocking chair was purchased for the sole purpose of being where I sit to read to our children, why not make the cushion cover out of the fairy tale material!?

As the cushion size was 55cm x 55cm and my piece of fabric was a little bit smaller at 55cm x 52cm, I decided to put a border around the cushion - kind of like you would see on a Euro pillow. The whole thing came together quite easily, with the opening resembling that of a pillowcase. Here is a picture of the finished cushion:

I am now thinking that I might make the seat topper for the toy box out of the same material, since we are hoping to have a lot of toys that encourage imaginative play and that is what fairy tales are all about - imagination!

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  1. The fabric is perfect for a nursery. The chair cushion looks great and I think the seat topper idea for the toybox is a good idea too.

    Kimberly Aardal


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