Monday, October 19, 2009

Project #6 - Pebble Table Runner

A while back I decided that I wanted to buy a table runner for the pool table, as it has a nice wooden cover that sits over the top but it is a little bit dull. I found a spectacular looking table runner made out of pebbles at the local garden shop and was pleased to see that it had been marked as '50% off'! As I was admiring it, the sales lady approached and advised that it was on sale and had been reduced to only $150! I told her she was dreamin' and decided right then and there that I would just make one myself.

Here are the supplies I plan on using: gutter guard, a 10kg bag of pebbles (both from Bunnings), non-slip matting (from Clarke Rubber), felt (from my craft stash) and a glue gun (courtesy of mum). All up, I am estimating this will cost me between $20-$30 to make.

I am not really sure what I am doing, but my approach is going to be as follows (fingers crossed it works):
  • Spray paint gutter guard black (it's currently brown).
  • Glue gutter guard onto non-slip matting as I figure this will give the pebbles something to hold onto.
  • Glue felt onto underside of non-slip matting (so that it can be pushed around the pool table easily if I need to move it).
  • Hot glue gun pebbles onto gutter guard/non-slip matting.
Sound easy, hey!

I aimed to start this yesterday but didn't get very far as I was tired and grumpy! Matty kindly got a start on it for me and spray painted the gutter guard black and adhered it to my non slip matting.
When I went out to the shed this morning, I found it squashed under numerous bits of wood and about 150kgs of weights... but boy was it straight and well adhered! Good job Matty!

Below is a sneak-peak of part of the table runner (currently unadhered):

I hope to start putting some of the pebbles on with glue tonight, but we will have to see how I go. These things take time and a lot of procrastination!

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