Friday, October 9, 2009

22 Weeks!

At 22 weeks I have started to notice that my breathing has changed, due largely (I think) to nasal congestion. It makes me feel like I am the most unfittest person on the planet.

I am pretty sure that when I feel like I can hardly breathe, the baby grows to at least twice it's size so that not only do I feel unfit, I also feel like I'm the size of a house! Anyway, here is the belly shot from this morning:

You may have noticed that I still look like I'm half asleep. This is because I have been having the BEST sleep of my life lately. So good in fact, that I'm sleeping through the alarm most days and then waking up feeling incredibly groggy. Hmmm, perhaps Matty has been slipping me something of a night. *Note to self: Don't accept any beverages or food Matty offers me*

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