Monday, January 4, 2010

Project #36 - Bunting Flags (Finished)

Our nursery is painted white with one chocolate brown feature wall. It was like that when we bought the house and the other two bedrooms also share the same coloured feature wall. It ties in nicely with our owl theme but I was worried that the room would be a little drab, so I decided to make a set of bunting flags to go across the top of the feature wall.

If I had have known how much fun they are to make, I would have made them sooner! I scoured the net and found that there were multiple ways in which a set of bunting flags could be made. You can either have them single or double layered, sewn or not sewn around the edges and the size and shape of each flag is really up to you!

I decided that since our bunting flags were going on the chocolate brown wall that they should be double thickness (so the brown didn't show through on the white flags) and as I like things to look finished, I decided the edges should be sewn. Here is a picture of the flags hanging up in our nursery - right above the 'dream' sign that my step mum surprised us with a couple of weeks back!

All up I think the flags took me about an hour to make. I am so impressed with how they turned out and the instant 'lift' they gave the room, that I have decided to make a smaller set to go across the window.

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  1. They look great on the chocolate wall.

    I love the green owl quilt on the cot


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