Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Project #6 - Pebble Table Runner (Update #2)

Last night I started putting a few of the pebbles onto the table runner to see how they would stick. Having never used a hot glue gun before. I underestimated how much power it had and how quickly it would churn through the glue.

I would strongly recommend mapping out where you are going to put some of the pebbles before you start adhering them, rather than just placing them one by one. I only did a handful last night to see how they would stick:

While most of the pebbles stuck fairly well by placing glue on both the underside of the pebble and the mat itself, some of them did come loose after giving them a little jiggle. Luckily one of the lovely ladies at over at the Simple Savings forum had taken an interest in the table runner and had suggested the use of liquid nails to adhere the pebbles rather than the hot glue gun. So today we are off to the new Bunnings store to stock up on some of that!

Here is the link to the previous post for the Pebble Table Runner:

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