Friday, January 29, 2010

Week 38!

My first week on maternity leave has been an interesting week. I have cleaned my house, caught up with some friends and worked on some projects (like my vegetable garden) that I've been wanting to for ages.

While it has been quite a productive week, I'm left asking "What next?". I do have some projects left on my list to complete, but failing that I am left with nothing to do. I have asked some friends what they do to fill in their days and they tend to watch TV or surf the web, neither of which really appeals to me (in fact, I haven't turned on the TV at all during the day in the past week!). Guess I'll have to think up some more projects.

Anyway, I know I should be grateful for this nice and quiet time as once the baby arrives I am pretty sure my time will no longer be my own lol!

Here is a picture from us taken this morning:

According to the midwife I saw yesterday the baby is in the right position and is engaged, but she doesn't think we will be meeting him/her within the next week which is fine by me. I'm not really in any hurry for the baby to arrive and know that it will come out whenever it wants to, regardless of if I try to hurry it along!

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  1. You're so tiny for 38 weeks. Enjoy these last weeks. You have to hit the ground running when the bub arrives. Sending good thoughts for an easy labour. Vanessa


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