Monday, January 25, 2010

Project #2 - Christmas Traditions Book (Update #2)

Remember waaaay back in September, when I blogged about my Christmas Traditions book? Well, it's still not finished but I have been working on it!

I was originally planning on using 90 gsm linen bond paper for the pages, but was concerned that it wouldn't be thick enough to stand the test of time. As such I bought a pack of 220gsm paper
with a nice metallic sheen to it and I am really happy with the quality and texture of the paper. Anyway enough jibber-jabba about the paper, let me show you some of the pages from the recipe section.

Here is the recipe cards for the Chocolate Candy Cake Cookies (hmmmm they are SOOO good!) and the shortbread:

And here are the recipe cards for the Reindeer biscuits and the gingerbread men:

I'm not sure if you can see or not, but the writing on the cards is really quite fancy so each card takes roughly 30 - 45 minutes to write out (with carpal tunnel and tendinitis lol).

I still need to finish the Christmas CD section and the pages listing the ornaments given each year as a tradition, but they are well under way. I have decided that the section dedicated to listing our family traditions will be left blank at this point as they may very well change over the coming Christmas or two, when we establish new ones with our baby.

Oh and before I depart, let me remind you all that it is apparently only 333 days until Christmas - Scary thought, hey!

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