Friday, January 8, 2010

Week 35!

Well with five weeks to go we are on the home stretch and I am seriously wondering where the time has gone! I can’t say that I am sick of being pregnant yet (because I am not), but I am sick of the ongoing problems with my hands….

Due to excessive fluid retention I developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome which resulted in having to wear splints of a night. Those splints, however, have caused tenosynovitis in both wrists and to put it mildly – it hurts like hell!

The upside of this problem is that I don’t seem to notice a lot of the ailments that other pregnant women seem to complain about, so maybe it is a blessing in disguise! Anyway, here is the picture of us from this morning:

Matty and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary this week too. In a world where so many marriages end in divorce or with both parties fighting on a daily basis, we believe it is important to celebrate each year so that we can be reminded of what a wonderful marriage and life we have made for ourselves.

The highlight of my day was not the digital photo frame that Matty gave me as a gift, but the card that came along with it. Forgetting to buy one he had set about making one himself and although the design was flawed (it was heart-shaped so didn'’t stand up) the fact that he went to the trouble of making me a card at all, just reminded me more why I love him so much.

Here is a picture of us on our wedding day a whole 4 years ago:

Awww isn't that sweet lol!

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