Friday, January 1, 2010

Weeks 33 and 34!

Well I am back from spending time in Murray Bridge with Matty's family and I must say, I am feeling very well rested!

Christmas day was filled with fun and laughter and a LOT of food shared with those we love and also happened to fall on the 33 week mark, so here is a picture of me on Christmas morning:

Darth decided to put on a show and double in size while we were there, with everyone thinking that it was quite possible I could explode. Within two days of being back in Victoria, I am pleased to report that he/she has decided to return to a more 'manageable' size lol. Here is a picture we took this morning to mark 34 weeks:

I must say that I am excited about what 2010 holds for us especially in the month of February, which will see us celebrating the following:
  • My Nana's 70th birthday;
  • Matty's Pa's 90th birthday;
  • My Aunties 40th birthday;
  • My Pa's 80th birthday;
  • My Brother's 18th birthday;
  • My Nana and Pa's 60th Wedding anniversary;
  • My 30th birthday; and
  • The arrival of our first child.
Gosh, I am feeling tired just reading that list!

I am also pretty excited about the challenges that we will face as a family in 2010 - Learning to care for a child, trying to maintain a healthy relationship and learning to save money while on one wage! It is certainly going to be a big year for us and I look forward to sharing our ups and downs with you all!

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