Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Project #8 - Cot Quilt

I have been needing to make a cot quilt for quite some time, but having never quilted before (and having a number of 'quilting professionals' in the family) I found the task a little overwhelming. The only thing that spurred me on to actually start it was the fact that I could only find one cot quilt that I thought was 'ok' and it retailed for over $165!

Our recent trip to Murray Bridge was supposed to be a good time to really get it all underway, but I just found that I procrastinated even more (although I did find a couple of great fabrics to use and finalise my design). It wasn't until I got back home and machine appliqued some of my design on to the backing material, that I started to feel like it was coming together a little.

Now it wouldn't be much fun if I just showed you the full design before it is all put together, but here is a snippet of part of the quilt just so you can get a feel for what it 'might' look like:

I was originally going to hand stitch the whole design onto the backing material, but am glad that I decided to machine applique it instead as it really wasn't as hard as I had envisaged. I simply set my sewing machine to a tight zig-zag and whipped around each of the shapes and it was done!

I still have a little bit of appliqueing to do and then I just need to put it all together. Fingers crossed it actually looks ok once it's finished!

Here is a link to the other post on the cot quilt:

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