Friday, November 6, 2009

Project #7 - Hooded Towels

A while back I decided that I wanted a hooded towel for our baby and was shocked to find that anything remotely cute would cost in excess of $35. I put the idea on the backburner for a while, until one day I was cleaning out the linen press and found two towels I thought would be suitable to re-engineer.

These towels were a wedding present and are of very good quality. One of the towels in the set, however, is white (the other is grey) so you can only use it once before it has to get washed. As a result, the towels don't get used too often.

First I cut the towels into 35 inch squares (right before Matty advised me that the grey towel is his favourite - whoops!) and then cut another piece for the hood. I chose these unisex fabrics to sew to the outside of the towel to 'funk' them up a little bit:

The hooded towel was easy enough to put together until I found a problem! When you hold the towel by the hood the weight of the towel pulls down and makes the bottom uneven. It looks shoddy:

But, I am not one to give up easily. After a bit of brainstorming I came up with a solution - to sew around some of the animals on the fabric as a way to secure the towel to the outter fabric. Problem solved:

I still need to make the grey towel into a hooded towel (with the cow print fabric), so will put together a tutorial on how to make these, as they are really easy and would be a super cute Christmas present. All up, these towels cost me about $18 to make - a minimum saving of $52 for the two!

Unfortunately it is still another 14 weeks until I have a baby to model it for you, but here is a picture of the hooded towel completed!

Click here to link to the tutorial

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