Monday, November 23, 2009

A collection of cute things!

Whenever I am asked what I have been up to, I automatically reply with "not much". I am not sure whether it's that I truly believe that I don't really do much at all, or whether I just think that what I have been up to is just too boring for anyone to actually care about. But today, I am going to tell you what I got up to on the weekend and boy does it involve a lot of cute things!

On Saturday we went to my parents house for a bon fire. Matty really enjoys these as it is pretty much a license for him to burn anything he can get his hands on that is lying around the property. I like the fire, but I am not as enthralled by it as Matty is, so I usually take some craft things to do and sit inside with my sisters.

This time was a little different though as my sister Lauren provided me with some entertainment. She had gotten a bunny (and named him Goliath) earlier that day and boy was he cute:

We decided that we needed to find some accessories to make Goliath look even cuter (I did try to get him some reading glasses from the 'teddy bear accessories department in Spotlight, but I couldn't find any!). Mum had a hat that fitted him perfectly though:

Unfortunately for poor Goliath their other Rabbit, Prince, has taken a bit of a liking to him (if you know what I mean), so they have to be separated. I do find it disturbing that Prince is a male bunny also lol....

Anyway, not long after we had finished harassing poor Goliath, mum came in and gave me a present. In my opinion there is nothing better than getting a present when it isn't expected and boy was this present AWESOME:

The school that mum works at had a fundraiser with Biskart cookie cutters and they are so cute! I was extremely excited by these cookie cutters as I was planning on starting the Christmas baking next week and included in the present were cutters for a Santa sleigh, reindeer, a Christmas tree and a miniature ginger bread house! They should keep me out of trouble for a while.

On Sunday I took a trip to Melbourne with one of my oldest friends and had a great day! I headed over to Mathilda's Market in Hawthorn and while I wasn't overly excited by the market itself, I did manage to pick up a set of cute little wooden skittles that I'd been wanting to get for Darth:

They were a LOT cheaper at the market than I had been able to find them online, so the trip was well worth it. The trip was also well worth it for another reason too! I finally found the quilting fabric I had been wanting for Darth's cot quilt (after searching for it for 5 months!):

I must admit that I was buggered by the time I got home yesterday, but it was my sister Jaymee's 16th birthday on Friday so we were having a family dinner and a cake to celebrate.

As I am the chief cake maker in our family, I put together a giant chocolate ripple cake for her on Saturday night. As an extra indulgence I put caramel between the layers as well as cream, so it was particularly decadent. Here is a picture of the finished cake and while it isn't 'cute' as such, it was really quite awesome:

I also got a little bit of craft done in the spare time I had, so I will post some updates on those projects a little later on! I hope you all had a great weekend too!

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