Friday, November 20, 2009

Week 28!

What a week! One day it's so cold you need the heater on, the next it's a tropical hot wave and you're sweating so much you need to change 3 times a day. Enough with the crazy weather, alright!

I have not been coping well with the heat at all. More so it is the sleepless nights than the actual heat that is taking it's toll, but none the less I am stuffed and glad that this weekend is supposed to be wet and miserable (apart from the fact that our fence probably won't get done again). Here I am this morning, at 28 weeks:

Earlier this week we started our pre-natal classes and while most people told us they would be an utter waste of time, I am pleased to say that both Matty and I found the first one very enjoyable. I guess it's the age old case of "you get out of it, what you put in".

The first class covered general baby care tips, activities to familiarise the group members and a DVD on breastfeeding. I must admit that I was surprised at the amount of effort required in a 'normal' breastfeeding experience. I had thought it would be much easier than it appeared to be!

One thing that did kind of irk me about the class is that they plugged disposables as the 'superior' nappy choice over cloth for 'environmental' reasons, as cloth nappying apparently uses more water than disposables.

It doesn't take much of a google search to find out that isn't the case. If they were plugging them for useability and convenience reasons then I would understand, but recent studies have shown that disposables use 2 litres of water more PER NAPPY (in the manufacturing process) than cloth. Anyway, I'm hopping off the soap box now.

This coming week I get to do the glucose test to check for gestational diabetes. Sounds like fun! Until then though I plan on sleeping a lot and eating my fair share of icy poles if it's hot!

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