Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Our Front Fence is Being Built!

Something very exciting is happening at our house - our front fence is being built! While this might not seem like exciting stuff, it is a monumental event in our lives due to the amount of crap that we had to go through to get it to this stage.

The fence journey began in January of this year with submitting the permits to the local council. In true local council style, they kept sending the forms back saying that they were incomplete (despite us checking when we dropped them in that everything they needed was there).

Then the calls started where they would claim that we still owed them money and as such they could not issue the permits. After waiting on hold for 20 minutes each time, they would magically find that we had paid the money, apologise profusely and tell us the permits were on their way. By the time I got my fourth call from a council representative requesting money, I was losing my patience. None the less the permit was issued at the end of April.

By then it was too wet to even think about putting up the fence, so we had to wait patiently for the weather to improve. While the weather has been good for a couple of months now, dad had been waaaay to busy to come and help dig the fence posts with his fancy post hole digger.

Well yesterday the fence posts finally went in (they are a lot longer than the actual height of the fence so need to be sawed off, but that doesn't happen til later):

Luckily, I hadn't ordered any of the other materials for the fence as there was a slight hiccup with the plans. We had to alter the plans, which then changed the length of the wood that we required for the horizontal slats *phew*... that could have been a costly mistake if I had have ordered it all!

We decided we would build our fence ourselves to save ourselves a lot of money, so while
I still think we are quite a way off having the fence up at least the foundations are there!

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