Monday, April 19, 2010

Refashion - From coat to military hat

I have been holding onto my old coat for a while now, simply because I like the colour and material it is made out of.

When I say a 'while', I actually mean a couple of years. You see, it takes me a while to get the confidence to do things... but Friday night when Matty went to Geelong to see a movie, I bit the bullet and cut up the coat.

So, what did I make out of the coat you ask? Well I made two things, but today I am going to show you the Military Hat I made using Amy Butler's pattern from her book "Little Stitches for Little Ones".

You may remember that I made the shoes from this book also. Well, they were a little small. Actually, her 'newborn' size were more suited to premmie babies in my opinion. I ended up giving a couple of pairs to a baby who was in the special care nursery when our son was born.

Anyway, knowing that her patterns tend to err on the smallish size, I decided to make the hat in the 6-9 month size. Boy am I glad I did, as it only just fits. I am also glad that I decided to take a bit off the front bill as it would have been massive (I cut about an inch off).

Here is a picture of the finished hat:

I must say that the problems with the sizing has really put me off making anything else from the book, which is a shame because there is some really nice things in there.

I will post the other item I made out of the coat later in the week once it's finished.

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