Wednesday, April 28, 2010

10 Weeks Old!

On Sunday, our 'not-so-little' boy turned 10 weeks old. Here is a picture:

The things I have learned this week are:

All of a sudden YOU'RE the expert (WTF?!?!): We have a couple of friends who are due soon, so we knew to expect to talk about our baby a bit when we caught up with them on the weekend.

What we didn't expect, was that Matty and I are now deemed 'experts' amongst these friends lol. Well experts we certainly are not, but on the way home Matty and I were discussing it and realised that compared to when our little man was 1 week old, we now knew a LOT more than we did back then.

We now know that even the leading brand disposable nappies leak, we know that cloth nappying really isn't that hard, we know that in order to keep the baby swaddled you need to be a little 'tough' and we know that there are other alternatives to the 'cabbage leaves' to relieve your poor aching nipples.

One thing I am thankful for is that we will never again be where these friends are...poor buggers lol!

Expect fluff in weird places: I would have expected someone to tell me about this when our baby was born, but nope... we had to figure it out ourselves. Let me tell you that there are SO many crevices where fluff gets stuck. The most common places we have found fluff is in the creases of his hands, in between his fingers and in between his toes.

For a fluff gold-mine, make sure you check between the neck rolls. There is an added benefit of removing the fluff from the neck rolls regularly... if you don't, your baby will develop what has been coined in our household as 'stinky neck'. Let me tell you, no one wants stinky neck!

Another place to check, especially if your baby is wearing something made out of fleece, is the tiny fat creases at the back of the thighs. We found so much fluff in there one day that we could almost build our own firelighters.

It's ok if your baby isn't doing the same as everyone else's - Nothing irks me more than when a mother says "Oh, MY baby was doing *this* at 8 weeks old.. Is he not doing that?" .

It really isn't a competition. Just because your baby is doing something that another baby isn't, doesn't mean that baby is a dunce. Babies are only small for such a short time, I wonder why mother's seem to want them to grow up so much faster.

Chances are if you're feeling crap, someone else is too - One of the things I was worried about when joining a Mother's Group, was that everyone would be pretending everything was hunky-dory all the time. Thank goodness they aren't like that!

We had a pretty crappy week last week, with reflux appearing to be the main contributor. When asked if we all had a good week at the Mother's Group, I said "Nope" straight away and about 75% of the group admitted they'd had a crap time of it too. It really helped to talk about it all and to hear that we weren't the only ones with some problems.

Well, since I was slack with the 10 week update, here is another photo we took this morning:

Oh isn't he adorable laying there with his Ugg Boots on and his belly hanging out! lol

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