Friday, April 16, 2010

My Craft Space - Part 1.. The unveiling

Is it any wonder I am uninspired? Take a look at my craft space:

Before our son was born, I had a whole room to house my craft stuff in. Now I have a table in the family room and a bit of space in the linen press. Ergh!

It isn't a nice space to work in. I don't look at the table and immediately want to engross myself in a craft project. In fact, most of the time I avoid doing craft there because it is such an uninspiring space.

I look at pictures online (a LOT) of the spaces other people have. Take a look at Jenny's craft space over at the Allsorts blog. Isn't it just stunning?!?!

I often wonder "Why can't my space be inspiring this that?" Well the answer is that it can be. I just need to get motivated to do it.

So my challenge for the next couple of weeks/month is to bring you a post once a week with something that I have done to jazz up my craft space. Lets say that Friday is the day to show you what I've done. That gives me a whole week to do something.

What is your craft space like? Do you like it or does it need a revamp too, like mine does?


  1. I just did a post on my sewing space! I've been building up my space for a couple of years and I'm happy with it but it sure needs a tidy up.

    I cant wait to see what you do with yours. I love the things you make and think you are very talented.

    ( if you want a peek at mine)

  2. I stumbled upon your blog from Everything Etsy **following**

    I can't wait to see what your new space looks like. I've been slowly working on my creative space too, but the vision {funds!} is taking awhile to get there...some day though!


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