Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter 2010!

Yesterday I had plans on showing you what I got up to in the week leading up to Easter, but my SD card for my camera broke so I couldn't get my photos off. Not surprisingly, my lovely husband was able to fix it enough to get the photos off but I'll need to get a new one at some point. RIP 8gb SD card!

Anyway, because it was school holidays my sister was bored, so I asked if she wanted to help make the Easter Eggs I was trialing a few weeks back. Sure enough she did.

We made some filled with butter creme, some filled with chocolate ganache (which were my favourite) and we also filled some with caramel and put a mini solid chocolate easter egg in the middle. Really, it was sheer piggery, but so much fun!

Here is a picture of Matty holding the Easter Eggs, which were a little bit rougher than they would have been if I had made them myself, but it was so much more fun doing it with my sister!

We also purchased some plain hot cross bun dough from Bakers Delight and churned out a whole heap of both plain and choc chip flavoured buns. Next time I think we would thicken the 'cross' mixture up a bit as the stuff they gave us was a little runny:

Unfortunately the dough was too stiff to mix the choc chips through, so we just pushed them into the top. They were still awesome!

I made Matty some Easter Eggs from scratch (but forgot to take photos) whereas he 'modified' existing eggs. Here is a picture of the Easter Egg he gave me:

The egg in the middle was filled with around 600gms of M&Ms and then put inside the large Easter Egg. The remaining space was filled with a mixture of miniature solid chocolate and caramel eggs. All up we estimated it weighed around 1.5 kilos!

Of course, Easter wouldn't be complete without Easter Bunny ears. Usually it's Matty or I wearing them, but this year it was our little man's turn:

I bet he won't let me do that to him in a couple of years time lol!

I hope everyone had as good an Easter as we did!

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