Sunday, April 11, 2010

6, 7 and 8 Weeks Old

As promised I am back! I am excited to be blogging again and am hoping to be able to update you all on the projects I have been undertaking over the last two weeks. Today though (as with all Sunday posts) it's all about the boy!

During my hiatus, my little man turned 6, 7 AND 8 weeks old (well, he is 8 weeks today). Here is a picture of him at 6 weeks old (how cool is his 'super hero' onesie)!

We had a fantastic Easter on our first holiday as a family over in Murray Bridge and as a special treat for us, our son started smiling at us - yay! He was an absolute dream on the 7 hour trip, only waking for feeds and a bit of a play.

Here is a picture of him on Easter Sunday at 7 weeks old. As you can see he quite likes being dressed up as a bunny (not that he had much of a choice):

And here is a picture taken today at 8 weeks old:

The things I have learned over the past two weeks are as follows:

Keep a spare change of clothes in the boot of the car - I know I've mentioned about having enough clothes for yourself for times when you are poo'd, wee'd or spewed on, but I strongly recommend keeping some of these clothes in the boot of the car too.

Earlier this week I went our for morning tea with some friends. I got out of the car, started unpacking the pram and then realised my boob had sprung a leak. As a result, half of my t-shirt was wet with 'boobie juice' *sigh*. I didn't have a spare change of clothes, so I had to stand in the toilets for a good 10 minutes under the hand dryer lol. I was hoping that everyone else's perfume was making the sweet smell of breast milk!

Don't expect too much of yourself - It's a good day if your only accomplishment is getting out of bed, showering and getting dressed. Enough said.

Be flexible - I have a friend who has a small baby and she is not flexible in the slightest. She has a list of things to do for that day and they all get done, no matter what. Putting it nicely, she is a wreck. She is stressed to the max and doesn't seem to know why.

Sure there are things that may need to be done in a day, appointments to be kept etc., but if you are having a bad day it helps if you are flexible enough to shuffle things around.

This week we are off to get the first lot of immunisations done. It doesn't bother me that he has to have the needles as I know that it is doing him good. The part I think I will struggle with is if he is miserable for a day or two as a result. I'm sure it's nothing that lots of cuddles on the couch can't fix though!

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