Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It is official.. I am a slacker!

The definitions for slack on the Web include:

  • avoid responsibilities and work, be idle
  • be inattentive to, or neglect; "He slacks his attention"
  • slump: a noticeable deterioration in performance or quality; "the team went into a slump"; "a gradual slack in output"; "a drop-off in attendance"; "a falloff in quality"
  • slow: become slow or slower; "Production slowed"
Yep... that sums up me and my blogging at the moment. In fact, I'm pretty sure the dictionary writing people are going to contact me soon to see whether they can use me in their examples:
  • "Michelle B slacks her attention"
  • "Michelle B went into a slump" and perhaps even
  • "Michelle B's production slowed"
I wouldn't be surprised if they wanted me to provide a passport sized photo of myself too, so that they could put that next to the definition as well.

Yup, I've been slack with my blog and I know it

But as they say "the first step in addressing a problem is to acknowledge that it exists". So, this is me acknowledging that I am a slacker and promising that things are going to improve in my little blog world.

I will be back soon with some posts of what I have been up to (promise)!

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