Monday, April 12, 2010

Things that Inspire

Today's post was supposed to be about Easter and all the fun things I got up to in the days prior but this morning when I took my SD card out of the camera to upload the photos, the plastic casing on the SD card broke and now neither the card reader or the camera will read it. With 3000+ photos on the card you think I would be flipping out, but I have faith that my nerdy husband (the biggest geek I know) will be able to do *something* magical to fix it. Here's hoping anyway...

So today, since I have absolutely no photos for you, I am instead
going to show you some things that I have stumbled across while reading various craft blogs. Boy are there some clever and creative people out there!

First up, check out this Foam Dirt from Ikat Bag:

I simply HAVE to make this Dino Land Suitcase from At Second Street:

And I can't help but share the playroom that I am Momma - Hear Me Roar has created, complete with a tree that has 'pickable' apples!:

While all of these posts make me want to create things, the blog of Alisa Burke has got to inspire me the most. Grab a cup of coffee and head on over there - the creativity of this woman will get those juices flowing!

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