Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tutorial : Making Polymer Clay Buttons (Part 2)

Yesterday I posted a tutorial on how to make buttons from polymer clay. Today I am going to show you a couple of techniques you can use to make them into decorative buttons.

1 - Scrapbooking paper:

First, spread Mod Podge over the front surface of your button. Adhere a piece of scrapbooking paper (right side up) to the top:

Once dry, use a knife to cut around the edges of your button to remove excess paper:

Use a skewer to pierce the button holes. Seal with Mod Podge:

2 - Paint:

Use a circular foam paint brush to apply dots to the surface of your button:

Once dry, seal with Mod Podge.

3 - Newspaper:

Use the same instructions as for adhering the scrapbooking paper, except use newspaper instead. Be careful when cutting the newspaper as it will tear very easily:

Seal with Mod Podge once dry.

4 - Sharpie:

Draw a design on the front of your button with a sharpie (permanent marker). Seal with Mod Podge:

5 - Junk Mail:

Use the same instructions as for adhering the scrapbooking paper and newspaper, except use some of your junk mail instead. You will need a very sharp knife to avoid tears.

For this button
I have used a picture of some oranges from this weeks Safeway catalogue. Because my knife was not sharp I did get some tears, so I used a sharpie to colour in the sides and outline the edges:

The techniques are very easy and yield some great results:

If you have any questions about this tutorial, please let me know!


  1. Great idea! Buttons, especially cute, big ones, are so expensive! This would be a cheaper way to get ones you when you want someing really specific.

  2. The buttons are awesome. I will be using this for the kids paintings from now on. Laura

  3. how long does the paper stay on with washing them on an article.or r u only using them in scrapbooking

  4. Hi, first I want to thank you for sharing with us this tutorial. It would be very useful for me. I´m going to make polymer buttons for a jacket of my daughter. Are polymer clay buttons washable?


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