Sunday, May 2, 2010

11 Weeks Old!

Well today our son (who from now on, for the purpose of this blog, will be known as Little Snicker) turned 11 weeks old. He no longer has that look of a newborn and is definitely beginning to show us little snippets of his personality.

Here is a picture of him taken this morning while looking at the sock owl mobile:

The things I have learned this week are:

It is important to keep taking your vitamins - I stopped taking mine for a week, only due to the fact that I ran out and I couldn't be bothered going to get any more. Within 3 days I was feeling a little rough around the edges, but I couldn't work out why. By the end of the week I felt terrible.. like I was about to come down with the mother load of all illnesses. So, naturally, I went and got some vitamins. Within 2 days I was back to normal. Lesson learned.

You pass on the bad as well as the good - For the past week Little Snicker has been stropping out a lot during feed times. During one of these little strops I found myself saying "Wow, he reminds me of myself right now". It's a hard, cold truth that you don't just pass your good traits through to your offspring, but also some of the bad.

When you need it most you are rewarded - I have been feeling a bit flat of late. Today I felt particularly *blergh* and had a major meltdown over something stupid. Not 10 minutes later, I heard Little Snicker stirring in his cot so I went in to get him before he started screaming the house down. Imagine my surprise when he didn't cry, but instead gave me the biggest grin I have ever seen. It simply melted my heart.

Another thing that melted my heart today... seeing Little Snicker holding onto his daddy's finger for dear life while they were playing:

Ahh too cute for words!

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