Friday, May 28, 2010

My Craft Space Revamp : Project Bags

Today my aim was to sort out my current projects and blog about that. I thought it would make for a boring post, but I was going to spice it up by dazzling you with some humour along the way. That was the aim.... until I saw this post on the How About Orange blog this morning.

Such a simple idea - drawing on zip lock bags with permanent marker. I had to get me some of those! So that's what I spent an hour or two doing today:

I made a bag for a sewing project:

Complete with a few buttons and a reel of cotton:

A bag for a Christmas project:

See the cute little gingerbread house?:

I also made a bag for my card making projects:

This one has pictures of various events that you could possibly need cards for:

And of course everyone needs a bag for the project you procrastinate about (perhaps I need a few more of these!):

This one has the dictionary definition for procrastination written on it:

The best thing about these bags are that they are reusable. To clean the design off (or to fix up any mistakes you make) just use nail polish remover on a piece of cloth or a tissue and wipe over the design. Too easy!

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  1. Very cute idea. Oh, the possibilities. I'm thinking about taking this a step further and add a project inside w/glue {or whatever} with the directions on the outside for projects-on-the-go for my daughter.


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