Friday, May 28, 2010

Snickerdoodle Slice Disaster

You know those craft and cooking blogs that make everything seem effortless and that nothing ever goes wrong? Well... this is not one of those types of blogs.

So, if you want to continue to believe that people who have cooked and crafted for years don't make mistakes, I suggest that you don't read any further. Yesterday I made a doozie of a mistake.... a simple, yet devastating mistake. Let me explain...

I wanted to make this Snickerdoodle Slice for our craft night. It seemed easy enough and I guess it would have gone smoothly if I had just read the recipe correctly. You see, instead of converting 350 degrees Fahrenheit into degrees Celsius... I just cranked my oven to it's highest setting. The fact that my oven dial doesn't even go to 350 degrees should have been the first clue that something was amiss!

Perhaps it was the fact that I was rushing because I knew Little Snicker would be looking for a feed or perhaps it was the fact that I'd only gotten 4.5 hours of sleep the night before. Whatever it was, after 15 minutes in the oven I noticed a smokey haze emerging from the kitchen. This is what had happened to my Snickerdoodle Slice:

Oh dear!

I was going to throw it out, but I figured I might as well attempt to save it.

So I cut the burnt bits off:

Then I made up some butter icing and added some cinnamon to give it a nice colour and flavour:

and spread it on nice and thick:

Then I sprinkled some coconut on the top (because we all know coconut hides a multitude of sins):

How was it?

Well no one complained that it didn't taste any good and Matty took the left overs to work, so it couldn't have been too bad. I think I might try to make it again on the weekend, making sure I read the recipe correctly.

I will be back later on today to share with you what I've been doing in the craft space revamp.

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