Monday, May 3, 2010

My Craft Space Revamp : Humble Egg Carton Organiser (Finished)

Well, here it is... the finished egg carton organiser:

And here it is all stocked up:

For those of you with a keen eye and who used to watch cartoons in the 80's, yes, that is a Danger Mouse symbol on the 'inventory listing' card on the lid of the organiser. Why you ask? Well... why not? I used to love Danger Mouse as a kid and now every time I open up my organiser I will think about how awesome that cartoon was.

Anyway, since my photo sucks, let me tell you a bit more about the inventory listing card. Obviously, there are 12 holes in which to store items, so I wrote the numbers 1-12 on the bottom of each of the holes (where the eggs usually sit) and then on the inventory listing card I wrote the item that is stored in that hole. The theory is, that if I notice spot number '6' is empty, I can look at the inventory listing card and know that I need to buy thumbtacks.

The thing that surprised me most about this organiser is how sturdy it ended up being. I'm not saying you could drive your car over it and it would survive, but it is certainly a lot more stable than it was in it's original form.

Anyway, I am working on another one at the moment so that I can write up a tutorial for all of you good people, so make sure you pop back in later in the week if you want to make one of your own!

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