Friday, May 7, 2010

My Craft Space Revamp : Inspiration Pot

This week for my craft space revamp, I made an inspiration pot. Basically, it is a teapot full of inspiration. Still confused? Well let me explain.

You Will Need:

A teapot
Methylated spirits
Cotton Balls
A permanent marker

First you take a teapot and clean it down with methylated spirits (using the cotton balls). Then you get a marker and write all of the things that inspire you (or have inspired you) on the side, like this:

I used a standard permanent marker (a sharpie) as my teapot is simply for decorative purposes only. If you're wanting it to withstand lots of handling, you may need to look at a marker designed specially for ceramics.

So what sorts of things inspire me? Well all sorts of things - music, traveling, reading people's blogs, my family...the list goes on and on.

My inspiration pot is going to be used to store my string, so that I don't lose it. I have threaded the end of the string through the spout to make it easy to dispense:

Don't be fooled by how easy this looks. It will take you HOURS to think of enough things that inspire you to fill all of the sides lol!

After spending so long on it, I am pleased to report that it actually serves it's purpose. I reread it a couple of hours after I finished it, and boy was I inspired!

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  1. This is brilliant! And I love that it's got a job to do, rather than just sitting and looking inspirational. :)


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