Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tutorial : Making Polymer Clay Buttons (Part 1)

Today I'm going to show you an easy way to make decorative buttons. I am not sure how you would go using these on items that are washed, but for decorative items you can't beat making buttons out of polymer clay. It's so simple!

You will Need:
Polymer Clay
A Rolling Pin
Small Cookie cutters
A Skewer
A Baking Tray
An oven


Preheat your oven, then take a piece of your polymer clay (a ball roughly 10cms in diametre) and knead until it becomes pliable.

Next, use your rolling pin to flatten the
clay to roughly 4 mms thick.

Take your cookie cutters and cut shapes into your rolled out clay:

Next, push the pointy end of your skewer through the front of your clay shapes to make two holes (so it looks like a button). Be careful when doing this as the clay marks very easily!:

Finally, bake the clay buttons according to the directions on your pack. My polymer clay packet said to bake in an oven set to 130 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes... so I did just that:

Because I chose to make my buttons white, they look the same baked as they do unbaked. If you use a coloured polymer clay, you will find that the colour becomes darker once it is baked.

So why did I choose white clay to make my buttons? Well tomorrow I'm going to be sharing part two of the tutorial... fun ways to jazz these things up. I hope you'll pop on by and check it out!


  1. Hi I love your blog and have actually been reading it for some time now. I just wanted to ask where do I buy the polymer clay from .

  2. Hi Michelle. You can get polymer clay from any art and craft type store. I get mine from Lincraft, Spotlight or Riot Art.

    Thanks for reading my blog. I'm glad you enjoy it!


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