Sunday, March 21, 2010

5 Weeks Old!

This last week has passed a little slower. I'm guessing that is because there is only 2 hours between each feed at the moment. I am hoping that this is just a growth spurt and it will pass, because it is positively exhausting.

Here is the 5 week photo of our son wearing the romper I made for Matty, who is an avid gamer:

The things I have learned this week:

White is great when you have children! - Yes, I might be mad saying this and I certainly thought my step mother was mad when she bought me a white dressing gown for Christmas knowing that there was a baby on the way, but seriously, the amount of times I've looked at myself in the mirror and said "OMG.. I have dried poo on me!" is bordering on ridiculous. If my dressing gown were any other colour, who knows how much dried poo I'd have on me and how long it would be there for!

It would be so easy to become, well, a 'slob' - There are times that I would rather stay in bed than get up and have a shower before Matty goes to work, but I know that if that happens it could be a while until I get a shower (If at all). So I force myself to get up and have one rather than stay in bed getting the 10 minutes of interrupted sleep I'll have if I don't.

I also try to make sure that I only wear tracksuit pants once a week and try to dress nice for the rest of the time. Just because I'm at home, it doesn't mean that I can stop looking after myself. If I feel good (by showering and dressing nice) then the whole day seems to flow a lot better. I also find that I don't eat nearly as much crap!

It would be so easy to sit around all day in my trackies, unshowered and eating bad, but I hope that never happens to me.

Feeding doesn't have to dictate your life - Two hourly, three hourly, four hourly or five hourly.. it's definitely going to have to happen. I was finding that I was timing things to occur between feeds, which meant that I could only go out for a maximum of an hour and a half before I had to head home to feed again. It doesn't have to be that way... which leads me to my next point.

Parents Rooms are a fantastic invention - I have fed in a couple of parents rooms this week and they have been great, offering up to date facilities and private quarters for feeding. It also means that I can stay out for the whole day, yet still feed the baby.

This week is weigh-in week, so it will be great to see how much he has put on. He is a real little porker and is growing right before our very eyes. If only there were some way to slow it down just a tad!

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