Thursday, March 18, 2010

Getting Motivated!

Lately I have been consumed with thinking of ways that I can generate money, so that come next February I don't have to leave our little man to go back to work full-time. Although it seems a while of now, we all know how fast it is going to come around.

So, as I mentioned in a previous post, I have been thinking about opening up an Etsy store. I am pleased to announce that I am going to commence working on items to sell in the shop this coming weekend - yay!

I am aiming to start off incredibly small with approximately 5 items in the store and go from there. As if to spur me along, my horoscope from today said that I should channel my creative energy as there is money to be made from a hobby lol. I hope they are right!

When I say I need to think of ways that I can generate money, I am not only thinking of ways to get my hands on some cold, hard cash, but also of ways that I can either spend less money or obtain items of value so that I don't need to spend so much.

For a while now I have been a member of the Opinions Paid site, completing surveys in return for 'zoints' which can then be exchanged for vouchers in their shop. Although it takes a while to accumulate enough zoints for a voucher (you need roughly 2300 zoints), I have recently earned enough to obtain a $20 coles/myer voucher. It might not seem like much, but it is $20 of 'free' money and everyone loves 'free' money!

I am also planning on using my Simple Savings membership to look at ways to reduce our spending. This site is excellent as it brings together a community of like-minded individuals who share tips on ways in which money can be saved. We have already saved a bucket load of money by implementing some of the tips, but I think we could save even more!

Finally, I have been inspired by a recent post over at The Life and Times of an Ordinary Girl blog, to look at ways in which to generate income via my blog. While I was not overly keen to do this when I initially set up my blog, I am coming around a bit now - especially if it means I can stay home and spend more time with our son.


  1. I tried to post a comment, but dont know what happened?!

    Anyway, I'm just excited to see that I inspired someone.

    I had those same consuming thoughts when my first son was a baby. I was desperate, and eventually signed up with a network marketing company, and spent more money than I made :-(
    Wont make the same mistake this time around!!

  2. That sounds great!! Please blog about the journey of saving/making money to stay at home with your munchkin


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