Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Vegetable Disaster

So, a while back we started making a raised vegetable garden. Due to the weather being either too hot, too cold or Matty and I simply wanting to spend time together rather than working on house stuff, the garden still isn't planted. The boxes are, however, filled and ready to go:

Now I said I would show you the process I used to fill up the boxes, but lets face it.. it really isn't that hard. We popped in some soil, some bags of poop and some dynamic lifter and it's all ready to go. It's a shame that the vegetable seeds aren't!

The last time you saw the seeds they looked like this:

Now they look like this:

What happened you may ask? Well, it got cold... so I cranked the central heating and fried the lettuce and the snow peas as they were sitting right next to the vent lol.

I am not overly concerned though as they are still 'in season', so I can just do a new lot! Remember that this is my year for working out what does and doesn't work, so if we end up with no vegetables at all that is fine.

Lesson number 1 : Don't put your seeds near the heating vent if you have intentions of turning it on!

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