Monday, December 14, 2009

Our Front Fence Building Continues!

On the weekend we started the building of the main part of our fence! This is quite a monumental achievement, which you would know if you read the previous post I wrote after we put the fence posts in.

The weather wasn't great on Saturday when we started, but the rain held off enough for us to get 6 of the 11 panels up. Matty's dad is going to come back this Saturday (weather permitting) to help put up the remaining 5 panels. Then it is simply a matter of cutting the excess off each post and doing a bit of touch up work with the stain, before oiling it.

Here is a picture of how the fence is looking at the moment:

Once the fence is up, we will then need to order in a truckload of pine bark, as the stuff that is there at the moment is looking a little worse for wear. I am also going to get a flashy address sign for the diagonal panel so that it is easy to see our house number and street.

We were going to do some more work on the fence yesterday, but we had to take a drive to Tatura (which is in the middle of nowhere) to pick up the chopper bike I got for Matty as a Christmas present

I am fairly certain that if I hadn't put my foot down he would have slept out in the shed next to it last night. I guess I should just be thankful that he loves it so much!

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