Friday, December 18, 2009

Week 32!

I feel good... perhaps even bordering on great! I haven't pre-fainted for a couple of days and as a result I don't have to wear the holter for the next 24 hours to monitor my heart rate - Yay! Here is a picture of us at 32 weeks (erk! my posture is terrible!):

I had an obstetrician appointment this morning and need to have a growth scan done on Monday, but I am fairly certain it is all going to be ok. Darth is really active but the old fundal height is a couple of weeks less than it should be, so the obstetrician wants to have a look in there just in case. I am actually pretty excited as it has been AGES since we saw Darth and it will be nice to see him or her again so long as we don't see any 'bits', as I am still adamant that I do not want to know whether we are having a boy or girl.

In other news, I got splints for my hands to try and reduce the carpal tunnel problem and they seem to be helping a little bit. At least I haven't been waking up due to the pain for a couple of nights, but it is quite annoying still when trying to do craft stuff. Speaking of which, I should be doing some craft now!

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