Friday, December 11, 2009

Week 31!

I have been a bit slack with posting this week and that is due mainly to the fact that I have been sick. My good old friend Mr. Carpal Tunnel has kept me awake most nights in horrific pain and on top of that I am apparently 'pre-fainting' a number of times a day (pre-fainting is fainting without the blackout, pretty much).

They suspect I just have a nasty virus seeing as my blood pressure is fine (and I usually pre-faint while sitting down lol), but just to be on the safe side they are going to strap me up to a heart monitor for 24 hours next week to make sure there is nothing funky going on there. Good times, good times.

Today I feel pretty good though! I managed to get a straight 4 hours sleep before being woken up by the pain in my hands, which is about 3 hours longer than I had been getting. On Monday I have an appointment with a hand therapist as they suspect I need splints since the pain moves into my arms of a night. Can it get any better?!? lol

At least the baby is nice and healthy and that is the main thing. Here is a picture of us from this morning:

I had big plans this week to make good progress on the nursery, but unfortunately I managed to do very little. I have, however, been doing some work on some craft projects so I might post about those a little later on.

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