Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Baking - Part 3

So quite obviously I have been doing little else but Christmas baking since I have posted three times in the last week about my baking creations.

I couldn't not post about my latest endeavour though, which was the sleigh being pulled by the reindeers that I mentioned in the
first Christmas Baking post I wrote.

Here is a picture of the sleigh and reindeers (with the decorated mini gingerbread houses in the background):

I made this for my mum as a thank you for the cookie cutters she gave me a couple of weeks back and she loved it! This morning I got a call from her asking if she could 'lend' it to her friend Donna, as a table centrepiece for the work Christmas party that she is hosting on Wednesday. Of course I said "Yes!"

Tonight I am going to wrap the minature gingerbread houses up and get them ready for delivery to some of my very best friends. Because of the size of them, they make great Christmas presents as they are not too over the top but still require enough effort to make your friends feel special! Here is a close up of one of the miniature gingerbread houses:

Finally, the last piece of Christmas Baking for 2009 was a gingerbread garland. The garland holds 30 gingerbread people and make either good 'last minute' gifts, or tasty treats for visitors that happen to drop by over the Christmas period. I haven't hung it yet, but here is a picture of it loaded up:

Matty and I are already talking about the Christmas Baking for next year and are thinking that it could be time to make a gingerbread village. We will have to see how much motivation I have next year before committing to that one!

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