Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Project #16 - Owl Mobile

When we first found out I was pregnant we started looking around for some nursery decorating ideas and stumbled across this owl mobile on the Craft Schmaft website. I was in love!

At that time the pattern wasn't available, so I bought a pair of socks ready to have a crack at making it myself. Unfortunately I couldn't find another pair of socks that matched the first pair!

Fast forward a couple of months and a new colour (blue) was introduced into our nursery colour scheme, which opened up an array of colour options for the second sock choice. Last weekend I found a pack of socks with 5 pairs in it (all with varying shades of blue), which were perfect for making the other owls.

I went back to the Craft Schmaft website to take another look at the mobile before attempting to make it and was incredibly surprised to find that the pattern was now available! In the interest of supporting small Australian businesses, I bought the pattern straight away.

I was really impressed with the promptness of receiving the pattern via email and was even more impressed with how easy the instructions were to follow. Here is a picture of the owls I have made so far:

Now you may be wondering why I have only made 3 owls and not the 4. Well, to be honest, I can't find the other striped sock! I have searched high and low for it and have come up empty handed *sigh*. I am going to have a big clean up and another hunt around today, so hopefully I find it this time. I can't wait to see the finished project hanging from the nursery roof!

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