Monday, November 8, 2010

Recycled Embroidery Thread Storage

When I spotted a tin to hold photographic slides in at a garage sale a few weeks back, I snapped it up pretty quick for three reasons - 1. It was pretty cool, 2. They only wanted $1 for it and 3. I thought I could use it to store my embroidery threads in:

Unfortunately the standard embroidery thread cards that you buy at the craft store, were too small to fit into the slots, so I had to make my own.

To do that, I used old slides I had laying around. Boring ones, with landscape pictures that no one would ever care about. I simply cut a chunk out of both sides, like this:

and wound my embroidery thread around them. They fit wonderfully into the tin:

and will hopefully eliminate the issues I've been having with storing my embroidery thread!

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  1. I did a similar thing with 3mm particle board (mdf) which I cut it to fit on a table saw, I cut 2 slots with a hacksaw to hold the thread to start off and drilled a hole near the base to hold thread combinations for a particular project. I have since added a No. 10 (small) rubber band to keep the ends tidy.


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