Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Embroidery Thread Dilemma

This week I am busy making Sock Owl Mobiles for the upcoming Buninyong Makers Market.

While this should be a pleasant and relaxing task, my current embroidery thread storage method is making it a little less enjoyable:

Yep... I store all of my embroidery thread in a great big knotted mess, along with all other sorts paraphernalia.

So far, while I've been untangling this enormous pile of thread, I have encountered 3 needles, 2 buttons, endless pieces of scrap felt and a piece of clear elastic *sigh*. Time to put everything on hold and get this sorted out.

How do you store your embroidery thread?


  1. I use the little cards that you can right the color number and then a box with compartments just the right size to line them up.

    I've also used the binder clip for the ones for a current project and that's nice as well.

  2. I also use the little cards which I write the colours on (cut up cereal boxes work for this too). Then I use in an embroidery thread container. It's pretty cheap and keeps them wonderfully organised!


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