Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I'm taking up a new hobby

Lately, crafting has been turning into a bit of a chore. I think it is because I've had things that have simply HAD to be done, like the owl mobiles and the redwork quilt. I'm feeling unmotivated and like I'm getting no stress relief.

So in light of the above I have taken up gardening as a hobby, since it forces me to get outside and away from things for a bit.

In the week since I have taken up this hobby, I have turned this piece of weed infested garden:

into this:

Those of you with a keen eye might notice 2 things in the photo above - The huge pile of bark that I still have to spread *sigh* and perhaps more importantly....There looks to be something growing in my raised garden beds.

There may be some of you who remember last years failed attempt at growing a vegetable garden. Lets just say that this years attempt is going a lot better so far. I would have taken a photo of the garden close up for you, but this is Ballarat.... and of course that means it's raining! Maybe tomorrow.

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